Our Objectives to improve Lymphedema Management in the Caribbean

Generate strong working relationships with medical professionals on:

  • New and effective treatment techniques
  • quality assurance of the field of Complete Lymphedema Management.
  • Earlier detection techniques

Utilization of the Lymphedema Management Techniques for other medical service areas, e.g. Lupus, Cushing’s Disease and Post Operation Edema Management

Knowledge of best practices for Support Systems available for Lymphedema patients.

Improving the quality of education particularly in identifying the risk of developing lymphedema post and during cancer treatment.

Lymphedema in the Caribbean

There are many challenges in extending Lymphedema Management care in the Caribbean.  Primary lymphedema is detected very late in the Caribbean due mainly to the underlying culture. Firstly, there are few Certified Lymphedema Therapist in the Caribbean. Secondly there are many issues with early detection of Lymphedema with many medical institutions and doctors.

It is our goal, to assist in the dissemination of medical information as it relates to lymphedema detection and care. Kneading to Relax, (Ms. Karie-Ann de Gannes), has presented at numerous medical conferences in the Caribbean on Lymphedema Management. We have been featured in many Magazine articles, Newspaper and Television interviews.